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Whenever you're planning to buy, sell  or rent a house or a condo, or invest a residential building or commercial building or a business in Great Montreal Area, we're happy to provide professional services for you.

Services 1. Residential Property

Buying your first property is an important step in life that should be approached with caution.

For most of us the purchase of our first home will be the most important transaction of our life and will set the tone of our finances for the foreseeable future.
We’ve all heard the stories; we all know of someone that didn’t do his research properly, was given bad advice by a non professional or simply didn’t take all the time required to do the proper research and evaluations required for a safe investment.
You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer. Why should you buy real estate without the help of a professional real estate broker?

Services 2. Investment Property

Becoming a landlord through income property, such as a multiplex, is a good way to invest in commercial real estate, but it must also be carefully addressed to ensure that you know all the responsibilities that come with such a commitment. As a commercial broker, we will provide you with accurate data on the building and its tenants to give you a clear picture of the reality you are entering as a new owner.

There are thousands of revenue properties in every district. Although some may look alike, there are substantial differences. Revenues, expenses, are the key factors of determining if a purchase should be made or not. Knowing the area, understanding how to communicate with your collaborating broker and continuous research is the key to success of your investment.

Services 3. Business

How to Buy An Existing Business: 

  • Why do owners sell their business?

  • Choosing which business to buy.

  • Evaluate initial information about a few businesses.

  • Evaluate the business you’re considering.

  • Make a written offer.

  • Secure the required funding.

  • Finish the sale.

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